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 Take 2                                 
          Take 2  - Book Reviews        
 52 The Dark Room           R K Narayan 
 51 More Kinky Friedman  Kinky Friedman 
 46 The Night Manager     John le Carre 
 45 Seven Experiments That    Rupert    
    Could Change the World    Sheldrake 
 44 Tony Curtis -      Tony Curtis with 
 43 Death of a Fantasist    Simon Mason 
 42 The Consequence     Colbert Kearney 
 41 One Hundred Days         Alan Schom 
 36 Evasion             Francoise Sagan 
 35 James Dean: A little Boy Lost       
             Joe Hymans with Jay Hymans 
 34 A Soldier of the Great War          
                           Mark Helprin 
    1 Latest Review          9 Take 2   

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