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ISSUE 61 December 1997

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It was a cold wet Sunday night and everyone was inside keeping warm but the staff from JCC were out GO KARTING!Competing against teams from all over the south of England in a two and a half hour race with speeds up to 45mph, the two teams from JCC took the chequered flag and came first and second! Internet Warriors were the winners with Saturn Rings only two laps behind.

As we were one person down, Helen kindly offered to step in at the 11th hour but after an attempt on the practise run unfortunately had to opt out. Helens words: (It was my first time!). Well done for trying Helen. At the start of the race the drivers had to run to their cars with Tom Hyland driving first for Internet Warriors and John Clarke for Saturn Rings but

Tom was first away with John nowhere to be seen! Only seven minutes into the race and Tom took a bend a little too fast and turned the car over. Lucky for the Internet Warriors (and Tom) he was not hurt too badly and was able to continue to victory!

The race went on with everyone shouting and cheering for their teams and the more noise the fans made the faster the drivers went with John Clarke with the fastest lap of the night. The air was cold and the track became slippery and before long drivers were spinning their karts.

Two and a half hours later and with great support from the supporters, Internet Warriors won the race and went up to collect their trophies.

Internet Warriors will now go on to the final of the British indoor karting championships held in Southampton next year.

The JCC teams would like to thank John, Paul and Jules for organizing it!


The Sci-Fi Zone, part of ASTRA Magazine, has just embarked on a half year project to log the complete episode guide to one of the most enduring and popular of TV science fiction series, Dr Who. The half year refers to the fact that there have been an amazing 26 seasons of the programme, not including the recent TV film, or the two cinema films. There will be an update of the guide every Tuesday, so it should be finished around the middle of June. The list of records held by the show is endless, not just in the genre, but in the greater TV world:- the longest running dramatic series, most number of episodes, and more unusually, most number of people to play the same character, There has been eight Dr Who’s, not including the TV films. There will continue to be another Sci-Fi Zone update each Friday as well with the fourth season of The X-Files about to start on Sky One. The new brainchild of The X-Files creator Chris Carter the Millenium has just debuted on the same channel. There is also lots of classic Sci-Fi on Bravo and The Sci-Fi channel, including the ever popular Star Trek, so there is plenty of material for the Friday updates too. So make a twice weekly date with the Sci-Fi Zone, part of the ASTRA Magazine.

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