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ISSUE 63 February 1997

Avatar III The Crypt

Avatar was recently launched on the Internet and was welcomed by many new international players who threw themselves into this world of fun and magic!

There have been two game updates in the last two weeks with various goodies for players. One of these is the much praised 3D OXO game with mega prizes for winning against a random opponent. Adult Gods also get lots of new commands to harrass, oops, assist the mortals with.

Fun Nights are held every Wednesday evening from 18:00 hrs GMT (or 06:00 Australian time for our furthest visitors!) Anything can happen during the evening, and quite often does..

Happy Days occur frequently where experience points and money values increase. There is no set time for these.

At the moment Avatar is running on an Archinedes 540 but in a few weeks time it will be moving to a much faster machine with many more lines.

Avatar is not available from 04:00 - 06:00 each morning as the host machine is down for a backup.

This does not deter players who queue up and rush through the door as soon as the gateway is open again!

Come and visit us and see our web pages at or on the Best of British games site at

If you want to play and have the adventure of a lifetime,



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