Village News
ISSUE 58 October 1996

Welcome to October’s Issue of Village News. The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in, the central heating is switching on, so where better to go than visit our new World Wide Web site on the Internet at!

We opened up our phase 1 web site on October 1st. This consists of an automatic conversion of the whole of the Videotex Village displayed as HTML, with a small amount of "native" Web content, such as the Gallery area on and some explanatory frames for those unfamiliar with Silicon Village. As previously mentioned, all existing Villagers may have a megabyte of free web space in this area.

As mentioned in the SVWEB INFO PAGE, reproduced below for those who do not have WWW access to the Internet, all the interactive facilities that villagers enjoy making use of, are currently available to subscribers in the full Videotex version of Silicon Village.


Welcome to Silicon Village the home of the National Leisure Videotex System. Looking for somewhere new and exciting to go? Come and visit us and make new friends in our international electronic village!

If you have a taste for adventure you muggers will enjoy the thrills and challenges in the friendly and popular multi-user role-playing games AVATAR.

Waveguide, established for over 10 years, brings you the latest news on TV, Radio and Satellite programs, often ahead of newspapers and magazines articles.

The Village Church offers a unique online database and boasts a coffee shop where you can chat with friends.

Our clubs cover a wide range of interest and include the Village Club, which was one of the original areas on Prestel, Valkyrie and the Children Den. If you’re over 18 pay a visit to the Adults Only Club which includes Scattie’s Attic, or pop over to eg, the electronic gays club.

For the computer buffs out there we have our computing areas which offer a vast range of information and articles concerning many different machines. We have Acorn Arena, Amiga Zone, Amster’s Cage and thepopular PC Bits. There is also a specialist Internet area called Cyber Beach, a must for those of you new to the internet.

If you’re the active type visit our Leisure Centre and have a go at Fantasy F1 and Countermatch, or sit back and enjoy poems and stories in Moonpie, or check the latest updates in the Game Domain.

The Newsagents contains a comprehensive guide to Star Trek in the ASTRA Magazine, plus full Sky TV listings, and our newest publication The Reporter covers a wide area of news, views, stories and section to make you laugh.

The pages that you can browse in this web are an extract from from Silicon Village Videotex database. You can browse the pages here for free, but if you would like to contribute and join in the discussion you will need to join Silicon Village.

If you would like to join please E-Mail Helen on or helen@saturn


We are pleased to announce that Mr T Marshall of East Kilbride has been selected from visitors to our SVDEMO database as the October winner of a free month full subscription to SV. You can earn yourself a fiver if you recommend a friend and they subsequently join.

Key *ENROL for Enrol-A-Friend and earn a fiver.


The latest addition to the ASTRA Magazine is the Sci-Fi Zone, which is devoted to the world of cult science fiction on the ASTRA Satellite. Already, in the couple of months it has been running, the programmes covered included The X Files, Sliders and Earth 2, all of which are currently running in the USA and on Sky’s 2 primetime channels, and classics like The Survivors, currently on UK Gold and the Gerry Anderson series Captian Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90. Programmes to be covered in the coming months include Alien Nation, Time Tunnel, Blake Seven, Dr Who and of course Gerry Anderson’s most famous series, Thunderbirds as well as his recent live action series Space Precinct. Naturally, the Star Trek Area, long a part of the magazine, lives on as part of the Sci-Fi Zone. As previously with Star Trek, look out for Sci-Fi updates every Thursday and Friday, In the sports area of ASTRA Magazine, now that Sky are showing live Nationwide League soccer games, the Nationwide League Division 1 table is now featured, along with the FA Carling Premiership and the Bells Scottish League, Premier Division, Each table is updated virtually as soon as matches finish.


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