Village News
ISSUE 55 July 1996

Welcome to July's edition of the Village News.

This month we tracked down Waveguide's John Cull to find out about his latest excursion.


Globetrotting Waveguide editor John Cull has just returned from a holiday in Kenya, where he managed to avoid seeing almost any television.

"I must confess I saw the penalty shoot-out between England & Spain on a satellite television in the Hard Rock Cafe in Mombasa," says John. "It was great to see the locals rooting for England."

John, who works for an airline when away from his Waveguide duties, always takes a radio on holiday with him. "I like to keep in touch with what's going on via the BBC World Service. For some reason, reception in the Kenyan coastal area where I stayed was very bad, but I managed to pick up a nightly relay from the World Service on a weak medium wave transmission."

The next holiday for John is in September but he has no firm plans yet, preferring to make arrangements at the last minute. In November he is planning a two week trip to Argentina.

John's Waveguide can be found on page 401400 in Silicon Village and features the latest television, radio and satellite news updated around the clock.


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